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Phases in the Process of Creating

Having written music for some years now, I have observed a pattern in the different phases of composing a piece.

Phase 1: Finding the Seed

This initial phase involves discovering the element or idea (the seed) that will shape the new creation. I begin by writing short fragments, analyzing them to see if a pattern emerges. I continuously modify these fragments using various self-created techniques and processes. The key is to create limitations.

For each fragment, I extract only the essential—something that resonates with me. It could be a couple of notes played in a certain way, with a particular color. I repeat this process multiple times.

Phase 2: Developing the Idea

Phase two is more complex because it involves following the idea discovered in phase one. You can’t move as freely as before since you are now bound by this idea that insists on being externalized. This phase is about chasing and refining that idea.

Phase 3: Assembling the Material

In this phase, I put together the various materials created based on the central idea.

Phase 4: Polishing

Here, I polish everything. However, most of the time, something still feels off. There is always something that could be improved or isn’t working quite right.

Phase 5: Reevaluation and Destruction

In this critical phase, I question everything. The piece seems not to work, and self-doubt creeps in. This is the moment to let go and have the courage to dismantle and destroy parts of the piece, viewing them from a different perspective. I often repeat phase one to regain a fresh outlook.

Phase 6: Final Touches

Finally, I work on the details. At this stage, I am content with the result and focus on fine-tuning.

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