"Writing music is creating a space that allows us to reflect and think on a deeper level.

This is why for me is so important to put as subject of my compositions the individual: 

I write about our dreams and challenges, looking at them from different perspective, hoping to inspire the listener in taking action. "

Alessandro Paganelli is a composer and guitarist based in Berlin.

Born from a musical family, Paganelli studied for over 13 years in conservatories throughout Europe while subsequently working as solo guitarist and teacher. Additionally, with his ensemble consisting of strings, piano and classical guitar, he recorded the EP Drifting, shortly followed by the EP Nebula, and a solo Album SUM. He also created music for various commissions (including Ameritz Music-Great Britain, Ostereo -Great Britain, Movement Head Quarters Ballet Company -USA, Choreographer Shannon Maynor -Berlin).

His music explores the individual’s internal search of self: “When I compose, I always search for a key to access the place wherein a bridge between the sound and the listener is created, allowing communication between the composer, the performer and the audience: a conversation that goes beyond words and enables us to feel a reflection of ourselves through sound.”


Being exposed to music early on, (his dad was the guitarist of Milva in the 70’s) Alessandro Paganelli started  guitar lessons when he was 7 and then entered the Conservatory of his town at the age of 11.


Since then he embarked on a journey of self discovery that still influences his music.



After graduating in Italy, he moved to the Netherlands (Conservatorium Maastricht) where he focused his studies on Baroque music (Bach in particular), writing a thesis on how this music could be interpreted on the guitar. During this time he also gained performing experience touring with a chamber music group and participating in guitar competitions.



  He then relocated to Berlin, Germany and started working as solo performer for numerous opera productions (Theater Vorpommern in Greifswald and Stralsund; Bode Museum in Berlin; Trentino Music Festival) and various ensemble projects. With a strong desire to find his own way of expressing himself through music and guided by his interest in a wide range of musical genres (he played heavy metal as a teenager and later took Flamenco and Jazz guitar lessons) he started experimenting with different music genres: this period of research led to the creation of his Ensemble which released  two EPs, Drifting (2017) and Nebula (2018) and the full length Album "Sum", a collection of nine compositions about self introspection, released on March 2020.

More releases include commissions from various Labels, such as Mellotron (Ameritz Music), Ostereo.

Currently he is working on several projects including a commission from the American ballet dancer and choreographer Shannon Maynor and the New York based Ballet Company Movement Heads Quarters, and still  continuing his musical journey that started in Italy. 

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